Wonderful New Piece by Barbara McFadyen

I’ve been shooting Barbara McFadyen‘s work for perhaps ten years at this point.  Barbara is a superb craftswoman, not to mention a designer with a very refined eye.  Her technical chops have been polished by many years in the business, and her artistry is unfailingly beautiful.  This is a brooch she created as a memorial, or homage, to her mother.  It consists of enamel, silver, and copper.  

The metal is all hand-cut and fabricated.  The enamel is a product of a complicated process wherein she began with a photograph of her mother and a letter from her mother.  She then used a photographic technique to reproduce and print them in enamel, which was then fired (I hope I’m doing the process justice!)  

Barbara asked me to produce photos on both the traditional graduated background and also on pure white.  Because the piece lies fairly flat and doesn’t reflect much of the surface on which it rests I was able to shoot a single image of each side on a neutral background, then remove that background and replace it with either the traditional grad or the pure white background.  It doesn’t always work with pieces which are more in-the-round (more about this here: ) but I think it works well for this piece.  Also, these are images I shot with my new Canon 5D Mark IV, which brought an amazing level of clarity and resolution to them, capturing very fine gradations of color and detail. Enjoy!


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