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Welcome to my New Website!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my new and improved Craft Photography Website!  I hope you will take a few moments and look around.  Most everything here is either new or updated from the old site, and there is a whole lot of new functionality, including social media functions which allow you to Like, Link and Share what you find here.

You will find in the Galleries many of the best images I have produced for artists over the last few years.  Setting these up was a demanding, but enjoyable task.  I’ve had the privilege of shooting so much beautiful work by so many great artists!  I hope you see things you like!

You will also find a lot of useful information under the Photographic Services tab.  Here artists will find answers to many of the questions you may have about using my services.  And as always, please feel free to call or email me with any questions you have, especially if something I have presented here is not clear.

A note about security for the images on this site.  I have done everything possible to protect all the images displayed here.  Any ability to copy or download images from this site has been completely disabled.  Additionally, I never upload high-res images to the site.  While the images presented here look great on the web, they are actually very small versions of the images which are unsuitable for use anywhere but here.  While it is possible to share images from this site to social media, again, these will be very small versions, and will carry the artist’s name with them.

I want to thank all of the artists with whom I work for giving me the chance to work with them, and for allowing me to present their work here.  I have made huge efforts to make sure that anyone who sees an image here of a piece of work which they like, will be able to see immediately who made it and be able easily to find and contact that artist.  I see this site as a resource for artists to promote their work, not solely as a resource for myself.

I also want to thank Patty Ayers of AyersVirtual for all her hard work in creating the design of this site, and for being so pleasant and professional.

I hope you will all enjoy this look at the work of many of the best artists in the area, and many others from around the country.


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