Before sending any work to my, please read my Standards and Procedures.

When sending your work to me for photography, please keep the following in mind:

Turn-Around Time

Usually I can shoot material within three days of arrival at my studio.  It is helpful if you email me and let me know when it will arrive.  Definitely let me know if you are under a tight deadline.  I’ll do what I can to help you meet it, but I reserve the right to apply a rush fee of 25% for a guaranteed two-day turn-around (I receive the work one day, shoot it the next, and ship the following day), and 50% for a guaranteed one-day turn-around (I receive the work and shoot it the same day, and ship it out the following day.


Please ship insured, or if you choose not to, please understand that you do so at your own risk, and I cannot be responsible for goods that are lost or damaged in transit.

Preferred Carriers

Please ship via UPS or FEDEX, if possible.  I have pick-up and delivery every day.  If you choose to ship by USPS, please pay for tracking and label the package “Hold for Pick-Up.”  This is so your work will not sit in my mailbox at risk to weather and theft.  It will, however, add time to your photography because I will have to wait until I am notified by the post office, then go and pick up the package.

Return Shipping

I prefer to bill shipping to your credit card.  You can also set up the shipping yourself and include or email a waybill.  For high-value items such as jewelry I prefer not to pay for the shipping myself and then invoice you for it because I cannot incur the liability.  If you require me to ship your work back to you and bill you for the shipping, I hereby explicitly state that I accept no liability for loss or damages incurred while shipping.


When shipping fragile items please make sure they are properly packaged.  I will make every effort to return the work in the same packaging.  I will accept no liability for damages incurred while shipping work in either direction.

Here is my shipping address:

Blue Sky Digital Photography
6067 Hoagie Creek Lane
Snow Camp NC 27349
(336) 269-0332