Photographic Services

As a still photographer I am closely focused on one thing — producing the highest-quality images for artists and craftspersons.  I don’t shoot weddings, portraits or baby showers.  I do one thing.  I create photographs of art, for artists.

I provide very high quality fully-digital photographic services, from original image capture through all phases of production to the final delivery of the images, tailored to the client’s specific needs.  The result is very high-end imagery suitable for use in juried competitions for entry into the very best art and craft shows, galleries, and exhibitions, for publication in books and magazines, and for general advertising uses such as postcards, brochures and websites.


I shoot virtually any medium, 3D or 2D, including Jewelry, Ceramics, Glass, Metal, Fiber, Furniture, Sculpture, Paper, Wood, Painting, Drawing, Etching, and more.

Original Photography

I produce high-res original digital photography shot with a Canon 5D Mark IV, a 30 megapixel camera using Canon Ultrasonic and macro lenses. Original file size is 5616 x 3744 pixels, or 12″ x 18″ at 300 dpi. These images are of a resolution suitable for full-page glossy reproduction or large poster-sized blow-ups.

My workflow is fully digital, calibrated, and color-managed.  This means that you can expect the very best reproduction possible, with color fidelity that is near-perfect.

I shoot directly to the computer.  This means that if you are here for the shoot, you see the images as soon as I do, on the big screen.  This gives us the opportunity to review the images and make subtle changes on-the-spot in real-time.  If you see something you like, we go with it.  If you see something you don’t like, we change it.  And when we’re done you will know what you have, and you will have the best images possible.

Clients are invited to attend the shoot.  You can also ship or bring work to my studio for me to shoot and return to you. Normal turn-around time for work shipped to the studio is 3-5 working days. Rush services are generally, although not always, available.

Please review the the pricing information available on this site, or call or email for a specific and detailed quote.

File Formats

I generally provide finished images at the end of the session with no waiting, unless there is significant additional Photoshop work needed.  I can provide the finished images in whatever format you request. Unless you have different requirements, I usually provide the finished images in the following formats, delivered on CD, DVD, or your thumb drive.  I also can upload the images to Dropbox and send you an link via email for fast and easy download to your computer, at your convenience.

  • High-res tiff master files
  • High-res jpeg files for easier viewing
  • Low-res jpeg versions for ease of sending by email

Ultra-High-Res Images

I can produce extremely high-res images of your work.  This is most often applicable to large 2D works such as paintings, where the artist wishes to be able to make large reproductions of the work such as full-size Giclee prints.  I use a series of overlapping images and a process called Photomerge which allows me to create files with resolution as high as or higher than the highest-resolution digital cameras currently available.  If you expect to be making high-res reproductions of your large artwork, please let me know in advance of the shoot.

 35mm Slide Conversion

Do you have 35mm slides that you want to bring into the digital world?  I offer scanning and enhancing services.  I scan the original slides at 3200 dpi then bring them individually into Photoshop and edit and enhance them to address common film defects such as dust, scratches, grain, color-cast, and lack of sharpness.  This is a far superior service than many online scanning services offer, which will generally only scan your slides using an automated system, leaving all of the film defects unaddressed.  Please see my post concerning 35mm slides for more information.

Digital Show Applications

Several services are in popular use at this time, including Juried Art Services, CaFE, and Zapplication. I can provide images formatted for these services and others.  I can also upload the images to your Zapplication, CaFE or JAS account, and I can also format your images for specific shows which do not conform to any of the “standard” formats.  If you have questions concerning image requirements for any show or service, please call me.  I can answer all of your questions and make it easy for you!


I often recommend that artists use blow-ups in their booths. They help catch the customers’ eye and bring them into the booth. The images I shoot can be easily blown up to poster size and printed on a variety of materials and substrates including foam core, paper, vinyl and various types of fabric. I can order these materials for you if you like.  The fabric prints are very bright, look great, are weather- and sun-resistant and also allow you to roll them up, making set-up, tear-down and transport much easier.

Print Materials

I provide full layout and design services for exhibition catalogs, books, booklets, postcards, brochures and digital flyers. I can provide you with digital files which you can take to the printer of your choice, or I can handle the printing for you, or I can handle the entire project for you from start to finish.  Just let me know what you need and I can provide you with samples of previous work for your review.

Email Proofing (for work sent to the studio)

Unlike the “bad old days” of shooting slides, where you had to pay the photographer up front, then wait for the slides to be delivered, I can send you ‘digital proofs’ for review.  These proofs will consist of low-res versions of the final images.  They will be identical with the final master images except for resolution, giving you a chance to see the images before I return the work.  Please understand that this is a different service form “Live Email Proofing”.  The point is to give you the opportunity to make sure I haven’t made any mistakes with positioning, composition and such.  If you point out to me that I have made such a mistake, based on specific instructions I received before the shoot (see Standards and Procedures), I will reshoot the image for you at no charge.  If, however, you simply wish me to “try something different,” I will be happy to do it but will have to charge for the additional time involved in creating new images.

 Live Email Proofing (for work sent to the studio)

If you cannot attend the shoot but wish to be involved and can be at a phone and a computer with high-speed access, I can email proofs to you as they are shot. It’s the next best thing to being there.  You can make a suggestion, I can implement it, and send you an new version of the image, and we can do this until you are satisfied. Please understand, however, that this process can be time-consuming, and I bill by the hour for time used.