Preparing for your Shoot

Do your Homework

By this I mean, be as prepared as possible.  First and foremost read my Standards and Procedures page so you know what to expect about the photographic process.  It might also be helpful to visit some of my blog posts, including my Technical Posts, and if you are a jeweler, my recent posts on Jewelry Backgrounds and Why Jewelry Photography is Expensive.  Visit my galleries to see the kind of work I do and use any other materials that will help you know in advance what you want.  The more you can refine what you want in terms of your photography, the easier and faster, and cheaper, the process will be. 

Come to the Studio (if you can!)

Some photographers prefer to work alone.  Not me.  I invite the artist to come to the studio and participate in the photography.  You know your work better than I ever will.  You can help me find just exactly the right angle to show off the work to the best effect.  If you see something you like, or something you don’t like, just tell me.  At the end of the day you will know exactly what you have, and the pictures will be as good as we can possibly make them.

If you are coming to the shoot, all you need to do is bring your best work. It might be helpful to prioritize, so we do the most important pieces first. I’m also happy to bring my many years of experience to helping you decide which pieces will photograph best. But don’t worry about trying to produce work that will photograph well. Your job is making great art. Mine is making a great photograph of it.

Preparing Your Work

If you are not coming to the shoot but are sending or bringing work to the studio, please keep the following in mind.  Please remove all price tags, labels, anything you don’t want in the shot.  For all work sent to me, please mark individual items where necessary to indicate the side to be photographed, orientation, etc.  Written instruction, descriptions, and sketches are essential.  That way, if I do it wrong, I will reshoot the work for you at no charge (Please see the Standards and Procedures page for more details}.  However, if you do not provide me with specific instructions concerning side, orientation, background, etc., I will assume you are allowing me to use my own creative judgement.  In that case, if you are unhappy with my choice and wish me to reshoot, it will be at your expense.

About Your Work

Please remember that photography is a close-up medium.  This is especially critical for jewelry, but applies to everything I shoot.  Please make sure you have fully inspected your work and you are absolutely satisfied with its condition, finish, etc.  I cannot make any changes or alterations to work sent to me.  I have to shoot it absolutely as it is.  Also, please make sure that your work is fully cleaned and polished.  While I will endeavor to make sure I do not introduce dust or fingerprints, I will not thoroughly clean and polish your work, as I am not set up for that.

So make sure your work is ready for its close-up!