On the Cover of American Style!

Hats off to my good friend Ben Dyer, who created a piece of work so beautiful that it made the cover of American Style, one of the premier craft magazines in the country!  Only 12 pictures a year grace this cover, and Ben’s (and mine!) is one of them!

American Style Cover Cropped

Here again, my only issue is that the magazine chose to publish my photo with no photo credit for me, in spite of being asked to include the credit by Ben Dyer himself, the artist  who submitted the photo.  When I called American Style’s editorial department to ask about it I was told that it was not their responsibility to include a credit.  This is absolutely wrong.  It is exactly the publisher’s responsibility to ensure that they have rights and clearance to use anything in their pages.  I am quite certain they wouldn’t publish an article without including the author’s byline.  Why do they think photographs are any different.  They certainly are not different under copyright law.

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