New Work by Craig Kassan

These are images of new work by Craig Kassan, a wood turner based in Franklinton, North Carolina.  Craig’s work is particularly amazing because of its size.  Several of these pieces exceed 100 pounds in weight just of the turned wood.

Craig uses an interesting technique of mounting his pieces off-center and compensating with counterweights to get his overlapping curves.  He also spaces his pieces with blocks between them which are later removed to allow him to turn shapes that pass between two pieces seamlessly. Craig has a huge lathe with a giant faceplate, and he intends to get an even larger one for larger pieces.  If you visit his website you can see pictures of  him at work.  It’s pretty amazing!  Check out his new work at the upcoming Carolina Designer Craftsmen Show in Raleigh on Thanksgiving weekend.

"Tranquility" by Craig Kassan

“Tranquility” by Craig Kassan

"Rain" by Craig Kassan

“Rain” by Craig Kassan

"Jatoba on Iron" by Craig Kassan

“Jatoba on Iron” by Craig Kassan

"Apollo's Shield" by Craig Kassan

“Apollo’s Shield” by Craig Kassan

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