New Stuff in the Studio!

It looks like Santa was very kind to me this year.  I got some really nice new toys at the end of the year, and I’ve been having fun playing with them and integrating them into my workflow.

First off, most of my lighting is now LED.  I’ve been going in that direction for the last couple of years, as those of you who have been to the studio have seen, but it’s been a slow process.  One, the technology is still developing, and two, the prices for LED photographic lighting have remained pretty high. But I finally found a large panel that can take the place of my tungsten key light.  It is a 1000 LED panel by Axrtec which is fully dimmable and allows me to select the color temperature of the light, is large enough to give the light a good soft wrap-around, and is very close to photographically true, colorwise.  I’ve used it on the last few shoots and it is really nice.  It also frees up my other two smaller panels, which I was using together as my key light, and now I have four dimmable LED panels, one large, two mid-size and one small for accenting.

Studio with Four LED Panels

Studio with Four LED Panels

I can now light many pieces of art wholly by LED’s.  I still also retain my entire collection of tungsten lights, which are still essential for many shots for accenting, edging and back-lighting, but my power consumption has been cut by probably 75% from what it was three years ago, which makes my studio far more green than it has ever been.

I have also been steadily upgrading my Adobe software including Photoshop, and furthering my skills with it.  Adobe continues to add amazing new tools to Photoshop.  The level of flexibility I have to manipulate color and highlights and shadows is unprecedented and amazing.  In addition I have very sophisticated color correction capabilities, which allow me to easily modify individual colors or tones or shades in an image without affecting others, which is very useful when shooting 2D work such as paintings, where it is essential that every hue in the image be as true as possible.  If you are a painter and want to make reproductions of your work, I can promise you spot-on color fidelity.

canon-5d-m-ivBut the biggest news is my new camera!  I’ve upgraded from my Canon 5D Mark II to its newest successor, the Canon 5D Mark IV, and it is awesome.  My Mark II was incredible, don’t get me wrong.  I used it for seven years and shot most of the best photographs I’ve ever taken in my life with that camera.  But this new camera is even better, with higher resolution (30 megapixels as opposed to 21), increased tonal range, increased highlight and shadow reproduction, and greatly reduced noise in long exposures, which is really important for the kind of work I do.  The first images I’ve shot with it are amazing, and I have just begun to scratch the surface of its capabilities.

So I guess the point of this is to let you know that as a photographer of art, and as your photographer of your art, I am fully committed to giving you the very best photography of your work possible.  I bring many thousands of dollars worth of photographic equipment to my work, and back it up with many years of experience photographing art for artists.  If you understand why now more than ever you need good photography to promote your work, you can see why it is far more cost-effective for you to come to me and have me shoot your work, than to commit to the expense, effort, and time to learn to take your own photos.  You do the art, let me take the pictures of it, and together we’ll both be very successful!


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