“Great Pots,” A New Book Featuring My Photography!

These are some images of a new book that has just been published featuring my photography. The book is titled “Great Pots” and was authored by Mark Hewitt, and published through the North Carolina Pottery Museum in Seagrove, NC. This is the third book which has featured my photography exclusively. It is my second book with Mark, the first being “The Potter’s Eye” from 2007. This new book could be seen as a companion volume to that work, but focusing more closely on the North and South Carolina pottery traditions.

As you can see, we shot on a variety of backgrounds, which is unusual for a book of this type, but we wanted to give the images real visual appeal and variety, especially in a book with over 250 images.  We also went fairly dramatic with the lighting, in keeping with the style from “The Potter’s Eye,” and in keeping with our intent to show these works as the pieces of art that they are, in spite of their being utilitarian ware.

Many thanks to Mark for the chance to work with him again and to shoot these beautiful pieces of traditional pottery. For now the book is available at the NC Pottery Museum in Seagrove, so if you’re down that way, check it out!. Hopefully it will have broader availability in the near future.  Here’s a link if you wish to order the book directly from the NC Pottery Museum.



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