Exhibition Catalog for Eric Serritella

I recently had the great pleasure of shooting a lot of new work Eric Serritella.  Eric’s work is amazing, and you can see samples in a previous post.  The images I shot were for a catalog to accompany the exhibition of Erics work at a one-man-show at the gallery of Jason Jacques in NYC.  I just received a copy of the catalog, which is just striking!  I didn’t shoot all of the photography in it, but I did shoot the great bulk of it, something like 40-50 photos.  I love the layout, with the details and the full-page prints.  I thought the final printing was a little dark, but Eric was very happy with it, the exhibit was a big success for him, and I’m very glad to have had a part in it!


Serritella Catalog Cover

Seritella Catalog 2

Serritella Catalog 1

Serritella Catalog 3

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