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Fabulous New Ceramic Sculpture by Eric Serritella

I’ve been shooting for Eric Serritella for a number of years at this point, but his work never ceases to amaze me.  He has taken the realism of trompe l’oeil to a very high level, and these new pieces show that off to its fullest effect.  Eric says he is often asked by people viewing the work for the first time, “What kind of wood is that?” or “Where did you get that beautiful piece of wood?” or “How much of that did you make?”  Of course, the fact is that it is all made by Eric, ceramic sculpture at its finest.

Much of the photography I’ve done for Eric has been on a graduated grey background with deep shadows.  I love dramatic lighting, and Eric has been very supportive of going in that direction.  Indeed, for this last shoot Eric told me that he was looking for a way to take the photography even further, to make it even more arresting.  I suggested shooting on black with very strong edge lighting.  We shot some tests and were both very happy.  Eric particularly liked the soft reflection, gained by shooting on a surface which has been treated to make it look wet.  I personally love the way the pieces seem to leap out of the photo.

Eric and his work have been featured by the Smithsonian Craft Show, and he is represented by Jason Jacques Gallery in New York.  But enough said.  The work speaks for itself.  Enjoy!