Amazing Work by Eric Serritella

This is some truly amazing stuff.  First, it’s not wood.  It is clay.  Eric sculpts clay to look so much like wood that it has even fooled a trained botanist.  Eric’s work is featured at a number of top galleries in NYC and abroad, and he shows routinely at some of the top shows in the US, including Smithsonian.  These images are for a catalog for an exhibit of his work with a gallery in New York.  We’ve shot about 30 images to this point, and expect to shoot about 40 more for the catalog.  Eric has been a complete pleasure to work with, just a really nice guy with an amazing ability to focus and attend to minute detail.  And the detail in these pieces is truly amazing.  Enjoy!

Bleached Blonde Birch Bowl Detail
Roar 3
Roar 1 Detail
Birch Burl Bonsai Teapot Detail 3
Birch Burl Bonsai Teapot Detail 2
Birch Burl Bonsai Teapot 2
Repose 3
Charred Split Log Birch Teapot Detail 3
Charred Split Log Birch Teapot

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