Fine Photography for the Artist and Craftsperson

My name is Jason Dowdle, and I am a dedicated craft photographer, with nearly 20 years experience photographing all media for artists and craftspersons.  I offer a very friendly and personal touch.  I shoot for artists at all stages of their careers.  My motto has always been “Give them more than they expect,” and my over-riding principle is to “Never leave behind an unhappy client.”

Located in central North Carolina, I serve artists in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, surrounding areas and beyond.  In addition, I receive jewelry from jewelers around the country.

I help some of the best artists in their fields jury into some of the top shows, galleries, and exhibitions in the country.  And I help artists and craftspersons at all levels present their work with the best possible craft photography.

Browse the galleries here for examples of my work, including jewelry, ceramics, wood, glass, metal, stone, pottery, sculpture, fiber and 2-dimensional art.  Also, check out the blog for new work, for general interest articles, and for technical posts designed to answer questions commonly asked by artists.  I firmly believe it takes an artist to photograph art.

“I have been doing shows for 25 years and I have never experienced getting into the caliber of shows that I am now with the images Jason has provided.”

— Kathleen Master, Mixed Media

“In addition to getting the best professional images possible, the opportunity to be in the studio with him and participate in the photo process is a great advantage when working with Jason. ”

— Deborah Harris

“Jason is a very patient and methodical photographer. He really takes the time to get every shot just right — lit well, in sharp focus, and well SEEN. He is very thorough and organized with very sophisticated equipment.”

— Shannon Beuker, Painter